Saturday, 25 April 2015

Full Access Church

April 25th. 

Pleased to be a small part of #fullaccesschurch on Twitter..
Yesterday, I was asked to speak to a conference filled with world experts on autism diagnosis.  They asked me there as a fellow expert, to teach them about autism and women.  Effortless and wonderful.
The week before, I was asked to train the senior staff in a school.  Before that, NHS staff.  Before that, setting up national conferences for the Government All Party Parliamentary Group's Advisory Board, for which I am Vice Chair.

In my working life, I'm MD of a Professional Practice, invited to corporate events all over the UK.  None are the slightest trouble.

So why is it that when I ask to go to a church event or festival, 9 times out of 10 there is silence. 

Is it theology?  Are churches somehow thinking that God hates autistic people?  All one million of us in the UK?  That it doesn't matter if we are Christian or not?  That the promises made at our Baptism are null and void if we get a diagnosis - that promise of support and love for us as fellow Christians?

Is it myths?   That we lack empathy (no) or all have some behavioural condition that requires huge amounts of rugby-tackling or similar (goodness me no - that's no more likely than for anyone else on the planet).

We want to be your friend.  Our friendship and love is not tainted, not a trick.  It is there, along with our gifts, skills and abilities, whatever those might be.

We want to stand alongside you, in love and friendship, in our churches.   At our Christian festivals.  At weddings, baptisms, funerals, fetes, concerts, school all walks of life.

You are loved ....and we want to join in.  Find out more.  Google welcoming autism church and have a read.

#fullaccesschurch  Because we're good news.