Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Autism: We are not objects of Pity

I want to say something about God.

God does not pity autistic people.

Jesus did not pity autistic people.

Some Christians need to stop trying to pity autistic people.

When I first disclosed I was on the autism spectrum, the Clergyperson I disclosed it to said, "I am so sorry.  I will pray for you".

Oh my.

It's a bit like discovering a friend you know by phone and email is Black, and saying, "I am so sorry.  I will pray for you".  Can you imagine their reaction?  Autism is not a disease or an illness.  It is a different brain design from birth.  And, frankly, everyone is loved by God, equally.  Everyone.  Without exception.

Nor are we ways for you to get bonus points.  Not for Being Nice to us.  Not for spending time with us as an act of charity.  Not for bonus points off God for daring to see something of him in us....and saying what an amazing thing that is. 'How incredible that something of God could be glimpsed in you rather than in Perfect People Like Us'.

Drop the superiority complex, please.  Or, if you did not realise that is what it looks like to us, learn from it.

Seriously, do.

We are people.  You are people. We are OK.  You are OK.  God is OK with all of it.

We communicate differently to you.  That is OK too.

Learn about autism.  We are not your ticket to heaven.  We are people.   And, generalising, very 'cat like'.  If you are someone very senior, how does the family cat feel about that?  Do they defer to your superiority?  Didn't think so.

Well, that's how we feel about it too.  I cannot 'see' social rank.  I treat everyone as a loved friend. You will be pleased to hear that I do not sit on peoples' laps without permission, though.

It's very levelling stuff.  You'll learn a lot about yourself from us.  Try it.

Thank you for listening.