Monday 12 October 2015

More fair - the hidden side of autism

Very good to see researchers observing the positives of autism.

They note that autistic children tend to play more fairly with others, and include a wider range of other children.

They note that many of us are hugely attuned to the distress of others, and feel it every bit as intensely as the person themselves.

They note that autistic individuals are ten times more accurate than most other people in our specialist subjects.

It's very easy to observe an autistic person in a state of panic or exhaustion, and then assume that we are troublemakers who will cause difficulties. No, that's random communication during a brain overheating episode (literally).

The last thing in all the world we want, or need, is trouble.  Our lives are already hugely hard and hugely filled with exhaustion from dealing with myths, misunderstandings and anger. We don't go out to cause it, and we certainly don't want to perpetuate it.

Mostly, we would like to be left alone with those we love and trust.  In a quiet place where we can hear, and see, and feel safe. 

Sometimes that seems like a big ask.  But many of us are working hard towards a world where our gentleness and love - qualities that so many possess in abundance  - can be allowed to shine.