Sunday, 1 November 2020

Finding Light in the Dark of Lockdown


Three candles, the middle one of rainbow colours, the two outer ones in decorated glass boxes

In England, another lockdown.  In the midst of autumn, as winds swirl leaves at our feet and clouds darken the skies.

In the dark of evening, so many families separated from those they love.  So many people staring in anxiety at the unopened bills on the shelf, the untouched bank demands and mortgage reminders.  So many waking each cold morning to wonder if today is the last day they can afford to put food on the table before the next payout.  Whether today is the day that the have to close their shop, have that awful conversation with the staff with whom they have shared good times and bad, decade after decade.

So many young people, staring into an uncertain future, separated from so much that was normal, was comforting, was exciting and rewarding.

We wait.

In the corner, a candle flickering, bringing light to the darkness.  A sure and certain light that no darkness can put out.  
A light for all of those in marginalised communities, afraid for a future of hate and further hardship.  
A light for all who are afraid to reach out, lest even more is taken away. 
A light of comfort and of warmth.

And, one day, not too far ahead, the first buds of spring will arise again.

Until then...